About me

I grew up in Durban, South Africa, where the ocean is warm and so are the curries. I started taking pictures of family and friends from a young age, documenting everything around me. I went on to completing a degree in architecture before moving to Cape Town. It was only in the COVID19 lockdown 2020 that I allowed myself the space and courage to take photography from a passion to a profession. My love of people, changing light, and water guides the stories in my work.

I am a mother of three, my days are full of messy chaos and all the treasured, love filled in-between moments. My kids have taught me to appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, fleeting and beautiful. That is what I aim to capture when working with a client, an honest moment to remember.

“I loved our photoshoot! I did not want it to end… I felt amazing the entire day. Thank you for setting my soul on fire and photographing all the joy, peace and calm.“

“Such beautiful pics, you’re so talented.“

“I absolutely love the pics, thank you so much. I’ll take all the pics, I can’t choose!“


Africa Is Now Magazine, The South African Artist Magazine

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